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Monday, May 08, 2006

Hoo-rah Jeff Francis, part II

Date: 5/8/2006
Position: 1st NL West
Games Back: --

Well, sorta. It's 1.08 now.

Anyhow, another HUGE win for the Rockies. Francis went 7 2/3 IP, and left the final out to the Purple Glove. Mesa started out the 9th inning, let two on, and then Hurdle turned to King in the pen. King, eager to show his old club what's he's amounted to...didn't really do too much. He did however blow his DP chances by means of a wild pitch, and then let Edmonds sac fly to CF allowing the runner at 3rd to score the Cards' 2nd run of the game. Then, despite the desire to keep him on the bench, Hurdle was forced to turn to Fuentes, who lined Taguchi out to 2nd and grounded Miles out to SS.

Prediction compared to reality
*Andrew's PredictionsReality
Francis Hits5-86
Francis BB33
Francis K51
Francis ER2-41
Marquis Hits7-810
Marquis BB33
Marquis K40
Marquis ER46

OK, so I was a little off. So sue me. Apparently I have the BB category nailed shut, though.

But seriously, what a night for Francis. Not only did he only allow 1 run, he also forced 2 double plays on the quieted Cardinal bats.

Sorry about the bad Marrero call, Apparently Ardoin's 2-4, 1R performance on Sunday was enough for Hurdle to take another risk and keep him in the lineup. And apparently, it paid off, as Ardoin singled in the top of the 3rd. Regrettably enough, though, Danny got caught taking just a little lead, and well, he's a catcher, so he's not exactly Ricky Henderson on the basepath. The problem with that was that the 4th had the pitcher leading off, rather than the top of the order.

To wrap up the bad news, Helton went 0-4. It happens.

In the good news category, the middle of the lineup (Atkins, Holliday, Hawpe) went 7-13 tonight, with 5RBIs, 5 Runs, and 2 homers, both from Matt Holliday. HELL of a game for those boys. And continuing his streak of impressing Andrew, Jamey Carrol went 1-3 with a Run.

Oh, and the pitching staff held Pujols 1-3 with no Runs or RBIs.

This was a fantastic game for the Rockies. Completely. To quote StL manager Tony LaRussa: "How good were the Rockies? They just played a good game from their side in all facets of the game." (from JIM SALTER, Associated Press Writer). Coming from such a successful Manager, that comes off as quite the compliment.

As a preview, tomorrow Josh Fogg (2-2, 5.18) looks to regain his early success on the mound as he squares off against the Cardinals' Cy Young winning Ace, Chris Carpenter (3-2, 2.35). The Rockies hope to take advantage of the Cardinals' batting struggles and claim another victory at Busch Stadium.

That's all for tonight, Andrew signing off. Good night, Good luck, and GO ROCKIES!!!


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