Rockies Magic Number

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Who schedules Finals on Saturday anyhow?

Date: 5/6/2006
Position: 1st NL West
Games Back: --
Magic Number: 131

Andrew here.

This is gonna have to be a quick update, I'm supposed to be studying now anyhow.

Jennings against W-Rod today.

Things to watch for:

Hits. Jennings is posting a 1.62 WHIP, and Rodriguez just started eating again YESTERDAY after a week with a virus. I'm very surprised that Garner is starting him, despite his weakened state. At the risk of sounding sick/cruel, let's hope that the Rockies can take advantage of his state(moreso an interesting managing decision) and score a few more runs and claim a victory.

Jennings' key to success is to start throwing those good strong 0-1 pitches and claiming early command of the mound and the strike zone. The Astros have a history of roughing our boy up, to a tune of an ERA of 12.05.

Rodriguez...well, let's hope he doesn't puke on the mound. You can't wash that off.

Other things to watch for include a Helton 2B, a Preston Wilson K, an Atkins RBI (and let's hope no DP balls), and Brad Hawpe being reliable.

In Short, Go ROCKIES!!!


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