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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Damn You Aaron Harang!!!

Date: 5/4/2006
Position: 1st NL West
Games Back: --
Magic Number: 133


Oh, and that's a Career High for him.

Well, thanks to an OUTSTANDING pitching performance by the Reds' Ace, Aaron Harang, the Rockies got Leveled tonight, 7-1.

And some good play by the Arizona Dbacks has brought them up into a tie for 1st in the NL West. And we have the tied-for-2nd-in-the-whole-NL-with-the-Mets Houston Astros coming up as well. Lord God, please let them start hitting the ball, even with runners in scoring position.

In the team's defense, Ardoin had his 2nd straight RBI. Although that's hardly defense of the team there.

Fogg didn't look TOO terrible out there, he threw a LOT of strikes, but apparently LaRue and Dunn thought those strikes were good enough to send yard. Larue for 3 runs in the 2nd.

Tom Martin didn't do too much to reinforce his position. His 2ER in 1.1IP brought his season ERA up to 5.79. Now, don't get me wrong, I really like Tom Martin. But we're only 29 games in, and he's already starting to slip. I'm really looking forward to Mike DeJean to get off of the DL. He's still out with Right Shoulder Discomfort. Stupid "discomfort", it's such an arbitrary term, and it really means that he's gonna be out for freaking ever because "discomfort" is so hard to diagnose. The only downside of less time for Martin is that all lefty duty is dumped on King now.

Although, bullpen discussion can take up its own post itself.

Coming up tomorrow, we see Byung-Hyun Kim (1-0, 1.35) facing Taylor Buchholz (2-1, 2.05). Buchholz has really done no wrong thus far this season, putting up strong start after strong start. Not really a strikeout pitcher, we might have a better chance of getting some runs against him, counting on that Coors Field effect.

BK's last outing was downright fantabulous. He matched a career-high 9K in 6 1/3 IP, only allowing 1ER.

And boy, did I miss that weirdass delivery. Ever so much. I'm so glad we have him back in the 5 spot instead of Day. It sucks, too, I kinda liked Day. He was that kind of pitcher that needed one bad inning to get a groove, but that one inning just kept getting worse and worse. So I guess good riddance.

The best news ever about tomorrow's game is that Helton is returning from the DL. This is huge for a floundering Rockies' batting lineup. We all know how clutch Helton is every single at-bat.

So here's to you, BK, and let's hope that weirdass submarine sidearm of yours is sneaky enough to penetrate the 'Stros bats. And here's to Helton, may his glorious swing bring power and victory to the Colorado Rockies!


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