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Thursday, May 04, 2006


I'm not gonna say that I've been drinking all afternoon, but...well, you can read.

Anyhow, Fogg faces off against Harang tonight, in a rainy afternoon game that apparently like everyone in the world has tickets to and wants to offer me tickets to. Boy, I'd love to go. BUT OF ALL THE AFTERNOONS IN THE WORLD FOR MY DAD TO COME DOWN.

Well, I asked him to because I want to move things out of the room before checkout week, therefore making the move easier. And I'm going to watch the Rox spank the Stros on Sunday anyhow.

ANYHOW, Helton should be back at first tomorrow, that's always good, and we still don't really have a steady 2B. All of our options are defensively sound, but the question really is whose bat is strongest.

Anyhow, Boo Harang, Yay Rockies, Let's kill the Reds!!!


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