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Friday, May 05, 2006

Thank God for small favors

Date: 5/5/2006
Position: 1st NL West
Games Back: --
Magic Number: 131

Andrew here.

I wish I could come in and say that the Rockies completely overpowered Buchholz. I'd love to say that Kim was a dominant pitcher tonight. I'd love to say that the Rockies were the better team on the field tonight.

But it was close, either way. What the Stros had in general-team-goodness, they gave up in Fielding Errors.

The Rox and Stros both put 8 hits on the board. Kim was charged with 4 ER, and Buchholz with 3R, 2ER, and then Lidge with 2R, 1ER. The game-ending run was walked in by RP Wheeler, after walking Cory Sullivan to load the bases and hope to ground Jamey Carroll into a DP.

However, 2 strikes and 4 balls later, the winning run came trotting across homeplate for a satisfying, yet anticlimatic, win.

The Rockies looked somewhat better in the LOB category. Only 8 tonight. But they managed to score a few in there, as well.

Atkins REALLY needs to stop grounding into DPs in scoring situations.

Helton looked like he was coming back off of an injury - go fig.

Holliday went 2-4 with a run. Not a bad performance, I'd argue.

Ardoin was held hitless again. Lord, do I love his arm, but the minute Torrealba comes off of the DL, if his BA hasn't started perking up again, I smell a trip to the minors. I mean, members of our pitching staff have better BAs. It's like a dead out, it's not even fun.

Carroll came off as the big hitter tonight, going 3-4 with a RBI and the winning run.

As a complete bonus to the team, Barmes and Freeman laid down PERFECT sac bunts in the 9th. PERFECT.

The Rox scored 2 of the 5 runs on throwing errors, one from Lance Berkman and one from Morgan Ensberg.

Overall, coming from a 'Stros fan and myself, the final score should've looked like this:

Colorado: 5
Garner: 4

I'm inclined to agree. Putting Brad Lidge in the 9th was a bad call. Lidge has been shaky lately, and has also been pitching quite a few innings. Giving him the night off and sticking with Qualls might have given the 'Stros the win.

Anyhow, coming up tomorrow, Jason Jennings (1-2, 5.84) faces off against Wandy Rodriguez (4-0, 2.61). Rodriguez has a 1.38 ERA on the road this year, so the Rox are gonna have their work cut out for them. With any luck, Helton will come back doubling, Atkins won't ground into any DPs, Holliday and Hawpe will stay hot, and Barmes will sit well in the 7-hole.

Speaking of Barmes, where did this .245 nonsense come from? It's obvious why he was placed in the 7 hole now, but what is wrong with the guy? Wasn't he still batting like .400 this time last year? Sheesh.

Anyhow, go Rox, and let's hope to take another from the 'Stros!!!


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