Rockies Magic Number

Saturday, May 06, 2006

2 innings of observations

Date: 5/6/2006
Position: 1st NL West
Games Back: --
Magic Number: 131

In the interest of full disclosure it should be noted that neither Andrew nor I were able to watch much of this game. I was on my way back from rafting down Royal Gorge. I will discuss the 2 innings of the game I did see. Jason Jennings. What more can you say? The guy was killing it. CG, 0 R, 7 H, 9 K, 1 BB. Through 20 batters he had thrown pitch one strike to sixteen of them.


Ok as I write this I am watching the end of Lakers-Suns Game 7. The Suns are killing the Lakers. The scrubs are knocking down 3's from 4 feet beyond the arc. This is ridiculous.


Getting ahead of hitters is paramount for any pitcher. Doing it that often sets you up to go deep into games because you can shorten the AB. Another key stat in this game for the Rockies is 2 LOB. Leaving men on has been killing the Rockies all season, not pointing fingers at anyone in particular, MATT HOLLIDAY. Choo Freeman got the start in center and went 2 for 4 with a RBI, 2 runs scored and a swipe. Choo seems to be rounding into a decent utility guy/pinch hitter. In the good news column Mike DeJean pitched a simulated game today without pain. And if some could PLEASE explain to me what a "simulated game" is I would appreciate it.


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