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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rockies in Home Openers: 2-1. After that, 2-3.

You know, if every game was a home opener of some sort, we'd be playing absolutely amazing baseball, that's for sure. Jason Schmidt left the game in the 5th with an apparent hamstring injury while the Rockies drove on to win 6-3. Reports say that he'll be just fine for his next start, nothing severe.

Jeff Francis, in other news, dropped the appeal of his 5-game suspension and will begin said suspension on Tuesday night. He will miss his next scheduled start, and Rodrigo Lopez will start on 4 days rest.

Lopez pitched 6 innings of 1-run ball, scattering 5 hits while striking out 2 and denying the Dodgers the longball. Kim gave up 1 in 2IP of relief.

The real news of the night was Brett Tomko. Tomko pitched a solid 6, allowing 0 runs on one hit while fanning 9. 9. The Rockies struck out a combined 13 times tonight, while mustering a mighty 4 hits.

Perhaps it's time to take the focus off of PetCo and look at the bats. This was our crippling problem last year, not being able to convert runners. When you have bases loaded with one out and Silver Slugger Matt Holliday coming to the plate, and you fail to convert a single runner, you know that there are problems somewhere.

Is it the lineup? Is it the matchups? Is it just the parks?

Or is the NL West pitching just going to dominate all season?

I personally see BAs dropping division-wide. When your pitcher allows 3ER in a start and you're not sure if your offense is gonna be able to pull out the win, you know that's a monstrous staff you're up against.

Every year Rockies fans just hope they can beat the Dodgers a couple more times, but this is not the season for picking on LA. They have a solid lineup and a pitching staff envied by so many contenders. They'll take this division. They have the best team. I'd argue the Rockies have better bats still, but the Dodgers have proven the ability to silence those bats, and the Rockies' pitching is still developing into a solid, cohesive unit. Add bullpen woes to the Rox' list and we'll be hoping for some pre-deadline moves sooner than later.

To finish up, Jason Hirsh takes the mound for his second start in Rockies purple against Dodgers' fireballer Brad Penny. Both pitchers had excellent first starts, Penny allowing 1 run over 7, Hirsh 1 over 6 2/3. Hirsh also piled 8K onto his impressive debut. Game time is 8:10pm MT.

Until next time, Rockies fans!


P.S. Posts may come somewhat sporadically in the next week here, but we'll try and throw some information up as we are able.


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