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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Bay vs. Holliday

Can anyone explain to me what the fuss is over Jason Bay? Why is he so much better than Matt Holliday?!

Holliday vs. Bay
* ABs BA HRs RBIs Runs SBs Home/Away Strikeouts
Bay 316 .282 20 62 53 6 .273/.291 78
Holliday 322 .339 16 56 60 4 .363/.315 54

Bay is batting a full 57 points BELOW Holliday, he has 6 more RBIs, 7 less runs, 4 more homers and 2 more stolen bases. Bay's OBP is a full .005 over Holliday's(.391 - .386). Matt also hit slightly bigger, as his OPS is 59 points higher than Bay's (.979 - .920). Splits? Give me a break. Holliday is batting better than Bay both home AND away. Holliday has more ABs, and he even strikes out less.

So, therefore, Holliday hits more than Bay, hits better than Bay, and is younger than Bay. Bay has a couple more RBIs, which may be competely different in 3 games.

East Coast Bias is all I can think. Nobody takes the Rockies seriously because A. They're such a young team, and notorious for losing, and B. They're in the NL West, which, despite how close it is, is completely swept under the rug by the Mets and the entire AL. The WORST TEAM IN MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL is getting better attention than the Rockies. "Oh, it's just the humidor, no need to take them seriously!"

I'm not even really referring to specific All-Star votes. It's more just the lack of recognition. Everybody considers Bay to be just so much better, and I completely disagree.

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