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Thursday, June 29, 2006


"Please tell me you're joking about the Zito trade. First, Shealy is an unproven talent and Barmes has only proven that he's inconsistent.
Second, in your second trade you propose the Rockies trading one of their draft picks, that's not possible either b/c baseball doesn't allow teams to trade picks.
If you're gonna propose a trade at least make it believable for the Rockies to land Zito they would have to give up Ian Stewart or Troy Tulowitzki and one of their top pitching prospects at a minimum."

Having not watched the Free Agent market as much as I should have, I didn't realize that Zito is a free agent at the end of this season. So unless the Rockies suddenly made a rush to a 10-game lead, and put themselves in serious playoff contention, this WOULD, in fact, be a bad trade. If they were seriously interested in Zito, making a move over the offseason would be a better idea.

In regards to giving up prospects, I'd almost suggest passing along Atkins before Stewart. If we can't find anywhere to put Atkins, we'll end up with another Shealy-Helton type situation, and if O'Dowd decides to go with Stewart for the future, we might as well get value for Atkins.

In regards to Shealy, recall last season when Helton made his first-ever trip to the DL. Shealy was called up, and played a very excellent 1B in Helton's absence. Shealy was also brought up as the DH during the 2005 interleague play. So while Shealy still lacks an entire season's experience in the majors, he showcased a firey bat and good defensive play at 1B to anyone watching. If this Zito trade is not to happen (which it probably won't just a pipe dream), perhaps we should shop towards Seattle, or another team hurting for a 1B with Shealy's skills.

For anyone suggesting that Zito in Coors would end up another Hampton or Neagle, I remind them of the fact that breakers are breaking again, thanks to our field-leveler, the Humidor. Imagine how well Neagle or Hampton might have pitched if they had the benefit of balls that break and fly balls that didn't land in the stands.

Thanks for the comment, I'm glad to see somebody's reading this!


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