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Saturday, April 07, 2007

I could learn to like Hirsh, maybe

WHen I looked at the pitching matchup I was filled with dread. Greg Maddux, he of 333 career wins and a place in Cooperstown guaranteed, faced off against Jason Hirsh, he of 3 career wins and a place on my my list of players to hate for being involved in the JJ trade. Here are the two lines by the starting pitchers.

5.1 IP 5 H 4 ER 4 K 1 BB

6.2 IP 6 H 1 ER 8 K 0 BB

Which belongs to the Cooperstown bound legend and which belongs to the untested rookie that Brian was bound and determined to hate?

(Hint: before Fuentes gave up a 2 run dinger the score was 4-1 rockies)

Hirsh was disgusting last night. I made homemade pizza for dinner last night and when Hirsh started moving his changeup all over the place I vomited it all back up. The changeup has a sick downward late break that looked borderline unhittable last night. Only two of the hits he gave up were for extras. One was a home run to Termel Sledge and the other was a double to Asshole Khalil Greene. Hirsh's night was over when he gave a shattered bat infield single to Termel Sledge.

Maddux on the other hand....

....was all over the map. Walked four, hit one, and threw a wild pitch that allowed Kaz Matsui to score from third. Maddux also gave up a Jap Home Run to Matsui when Matsui got to first, stole second, advanced to third on a sac fly and then scored on a wild pitch. Then Maddux walked Helton and gave up a 410' dinger into the pen and Maddux would spend the night wondering what might have been.

Tonight, we also got a visit from old friend, "The Brian Fuentes Heart Stopping Save Experience." He hit Mike Cameron, gave up a deep fly to Asshole Khalil Greene. Then he settled down and retired the next three batters including getting Jose Cruz Jr. looking to end the game.


Hirsh: Andrew will remind me that this is only one start, but it was still awesome.

Kaz Matsui: 3 for 4, with a triple, a stolen base, and a RBI

Matt Holliday: 2 for 4 with a dinger


Willy "Seriously guys, I'm better than Cory Sullivan" Taveras: he's now up to 7 K's in three games

Fuentes: Got the save but had to make it interesting


Asshole Khalil Greene: go roast in hell you golden-locked cake eater.


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