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Friday, April 20, 2007

Inconsistency reigns on high

On a Thursday afternoon in Coors Field, against division quasi-rivals the LA Dodgers, Aaron Cook finally pitched a game where the offense provided the right amount to actually make Cook the pitcher of record.

Mind you, I didn't say anyone played well.

Yesterday was a cool day in section 331, in the shade, where the LA Dodgers played Batting Cages with Rockies #1 Aaron Cook. It seemed a lot of bounces simply didn't go the Rockies way (including a chopper from Dodgers' starter Mark Hendrickson that rebounded juuuuuuussst over Cook's glove and ended up as a 6-3 RBI putout), but at the same time, the Dodgers simply outplayed them.

This is why I fear the Dodgers more than anyone else in the NL West. Their reserve #6 starter held the Rockies to 5 hits and 1 run through 5 2/3 innings of work and only 76 pitches. RP Joe Beimel went through 2 innings of work on 16 pitches (I pictured Beimel, Broxton, and Rudy Seanez all sitting in the bullpen betting on the next inning -

Beimel: "I bet I can pitch that inning in 20 pitches"
Broxton: "I bet I can do it in 17"
Seanez: "I can pitch it in 13"
Beimel: "I can pitch it in 10"
Seanez: "Pitch that inning!"
Beimel: "....crap"

Actually, Beimel finished the 7th inning in 7 pitches.

It wasn't a good start by Cook. The Dodgers just teed off on him, and while he only allowed 3ER, the hits all came as parts of massive rallies by the Dodgers, and then a 3rd inning rally-continuing error from Jeff Baker at 1st allowed another 2 runs to cross. Oh Jeff, if only we were in the AL, you wouldn't have to worry about all that nasty fielding.

The bullpen didn't look bad at all. And by that I mean Zach McLellan pitched 2 scoreless innings, only yielding 1 hit and no walks. Matt Herges, on the other hand, allowed a coffin-nailing 3 runs in the 9th to give the Dodgers a decisive 8-1 victory over the Rockies.

This is becoming a terrible cycle to watch, Rockies pitching being solid and dependable if not downright Good, and the bats piddling 3 hits or leaving 9 stranded. Baserunners being wasted on 1 out GIDP. That, or the starter gets shelled for 4 innings, and the bats provide 9 runs of support and the decision will go to LaTroy Hawkins who will somehow eke out a loss despite the Rockies winning.

Let's just take a look at the team in general for a moment here. From top to bottom.

Bottom: Minor Leagues - looking good. Woohoo.

Next: The Team

Bats - Still just bursting with potential. Holliday's hitting the ball well, but Atkins hasn't entirely found his stroke yet. Hawpe is batting .200 against lefties thus far, but he's batting .288 overall now, so I'm still expecting a good rest-of-April and then May out of Bradley. Helton is batting .340 thus far, eager to prove to the Coors Faithful that he's back. Willy Taveras laid down 2 bunts, one good, and singled on that bunt, and then used those wheels to score the Rockies only run. Carroll's batting a robust .242 so far, but he's only really appeared in utility. I'm looking to see a bit more production these next two weeks or so before Kaz returns. Oh, and Mr. Matsui was batting .361 with 5 SB before going down with back spasms. Tulo and Ianetta...well, let's just say we're gonna need some drastic improvement and soon or else they might get that time in AAA that they missed out on last year. Torrealba is batting .296 and doing a good job making up for Ianetta's battles with the Half-Mendoza line. Baker hasn't had a hit since April 9, and is staying above .300 on the virtue of a hot hot hot first week.

Defense - Defensively, this is a more or less a pretty solid team. Helton still a GG contender at 1st, the OF is learning better tracking on the ball, and Hawpe still has a cannon. Kaz and Carroll don't cause stress at 2nd and Tulo, while still solidifying his defensive range, has made some nice stops this season. Ianetta is looking good throwing out baserunners, nailing both who tried in Thursday. Atkins however, needs some serious work fielding and throwing at third. Jeff Baker, also, is a defensive liability, but can play the positions in the interest of resting the starters and getting his bat in the rotation.

--In interest of tonight's game, I'll conclude this early-season analysis in a later post. Coming up - Pitchers, Managers, and OWNERSHIP dun dun dunnnnnnn


Saturday, April 14, 2007

Continuing with the apologies

It's been a topsy turvy week or so, culminating in my current trip to New Jersey, watch this space for potential live blogging of the "Storm of the Decade."

Normal blogging activities should resume mid-week.


P.S. Eric Byrnes is working his way up to Khalil Greene levels of animosity in my mind.

Apologies for the absences

This'll be a quick post. Rockies Pitchers have been competitive, if not straight up good. But, as we keep seeing it, the bats are having trouble firing and the talent is going to waste.

As a bright note, last night we DID put up 6 against the Diamondbacks, 5 off of reigning Cy Young champion Brandon Webb. A pleasent relief from the 1-run nonsense we've been playing in this past week.

Tonight, the Rockies come around the horn with Aaron "Iron Chef" Cook taking the mound against Arizona Inning Eater Livan Hernandez. Something to watch for: Todd Helton is a career .510 hitter against Hernandez.

Apologies for the short post, but that's what we're getting tonight. Fare thee well, Rockies faithful!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Rockies in Home Openers: 2-1. After that, 2-3.

You know, if every game was a home opener of some sort, we'd be playing absolutely amazing baseball, that's for sure. Jason Schmidt left the game in the 5th with an apparent hamstring injury while the Rockies drove on to win 6-3. Reports say that he'll be just fine for his next start, nothing severe.

Jeff Francis, in other news, dropped the appeal of his 5-game suspension and will begin said suspension on Tuesday night. He will miss his next scheduled start, and Rodrigo Lopez will start on 4 days rest.

Lopez pitched 6 innings of 1-run ball, scattering 5 hits while striking out 2 and denying the Dodgers the longball. Kim gave up 1 in 2IP of relief.

The real news of the night was Brett Tomko. Tomko pitched a solid 6, allowing 0 runs on one hit while fanning 9. 9. The Rockies struck out a combined 13 times tonight, while mustering a mighty 4 hits.

Perhaps it's time to take the focus off of PetCo and look at the bats. This was our crippling problem last year, not being able to convert runners. When you have bases loaded with one out and Silver Slugger Matt Holliday coming to the plate, and you fail to convert a single runner, you know that there are problems somewhere.

Is it the lineup? Is it the matchups? Is it just the parks?

Or is the NL West pitching just going to dominate all season?

I personally see BAs dropping division-wide. When your pitcher allows 3ER in a start and you're not sure if your offense is gonna be able to pull out the win, you know that's a monstrous staff you're up against.

Every year Rockies fans just hope they can beat the Dodgers a couple more times, but this is not the season for picking on LA. They have a solid lineup and a pitching staff envied by so many contenders. They'll take this division. They have the best team. I'd argue the Rockies have better bats still, but the Dodgers have proven the ability to silence those bats, and the Rockies' pitching is still developing into a solid, cohesive unit. Add bullpen woes to the Rox' list and we'll be hoping for some pre-deadline moves sooner than later.

To finish up, Jason Hirsh takes the mound for his second start in Rockies purple against Dodgers' fireballer Brad Penny. Both pitchers had excellent first starts, Penny allowing 1 run over 7, Hirsh 1 over 6 2/3. Hirsh also piled 8K onto his impressive debut. Game time is 8:10pm MT.

Until next time, Rockies fans!


P.S. Posts may come somewhat sporadically in the next week here, but we'll try and throw some information up as we are able.

Monday, April 09, 2007

You're breaking my Tuscaloosa Heart, boys.

Over the offseason, most Rockies faithful and then the occasional bored ESPN analyst (who am I kidding, they still ignored Denver) made thee healthy claim that the Rockies have a lineup that can contend with any lineup in MLB. During winter, I'd make claims that the Rockies DO have a shot at the division, but it was all gonna come down to Pitching again.

I think Aaron Cook heard me.

Cook scattered 5 hits through 9 innings, giving up the Padres' first run on a solo shot from Jose Cruz, Jr that bounced off the top of the wall about 6 inches in.

And yet, Cook is probably feeling like we're in 2006 again. Cook went through the season with one of the lowest run support tallies in all of baseball, and it resulted in a 9-15 record for Cook and a frustrating end to the season.

If this is what we are to expect for the season, expect to lose Cook. I wouldn't want to play baseball under these conditions. If Francis and Cook are going to get paltry run support all season, and pitchers like Fogg and Lopez are going be carried into winning records, then why should we try and make a winning team based off of pitching? Why not just recreate the Blake Street Bombers again, in their entirety, including 24 run games and #1 pitcher's ERAs above 5?

Anyhow, back to the game.

* If this is the season we're gonna get from Cook, then we at least know that the top of the rotation is rock solid. Perhaps contract extensions (long ones?) are in order.
* Error-free game!


* Hawkins. He gave up 2 consecutive hits in the 10th, one of which I'm not overly surprised by (I'm pretty sure Greene would be getting these hits off of Koufax the way he's batting this spring), and the other was a huge disappointment. Kouzmanoff's barely brushing the ball thus far this season, and last year he only mustered a .214 in his first stint in the Majors last year with Cleveland. Where does he get off making clutch hits like this? I mean, the pitch wasn't even terrible, he kept it down in the zone, and Kouzmanoff just kinda golfed it past a diving Helton (by the way, good to see him dive for a ball). I guess Hawkins wasn't even the worst part, it's just frustrating to see him giving up another game.

* Managing Decisions. Most of the game - not so bad. Not entirely sure about starting Finley, but when him and Willy are both competing for "Who can be the worst leadoff hitter", it's difficult to place blame in this situation. But the decision to put Hawkins in with the game on the line, not so much. How many games do we need to see him in this season? Does it really need to be 83% of them? Because he's on pace to pitch 108 innings in 135 games, and I really don't think we need to pitch someone who's supposed to be a sharp setup man like this. If Hurdle doesn't flex the rest of the bullpen, we'll have pitchers like Buchholz and Affeldt just getting rustier and worse with a lack of work. And does this sound familiar to LAST season? Pitchers (Fuentes) not getting enough work because the games were either tied or blowouts? Clint, pitch your pitchers or they're all going to leave after this season.

* Finally, THE BATS.
Words cannot describe the disgust. I'm not coming out suggesting that we should have lit up Jake Peavy, I'm saying we could have at least capitalized a BIT on baserunners. Let's break it down.

- First inning, one out (Finley, go fig), Kaz Matsui singles, and is then advanced on an Atkins groundout, only to be stranded by Helton looking at a 3rd strike.
- Second inning, Hawpe had a 1-out single, and was left looking on a flyout and lineout from Yorvit and Tulo.
- Jump to the 4th. Atkins singles, and then is advanced by consecutive groundouts (productive outs, boys?), until Hawpe decides to punt a 2-out single into center, scoring Atkins from 3rd. Hawpe was left out there.
- Jump to the 7th, Peavy's last inning. Bases loaded after Peavy issued a walk to Cook, and Ol' reliable Steve Finley grounds out to end the inning.
- The bullpen entered in the 8th, and simply leveled the Rockies for the remainder of the game.

Call me crazy, but judging by Finley's track record this season...maybe a PH would've been in order? By the name of Jeff Baker? I mean, as delicious as John Mabry's 3 PH outs have been, let's go with who produces. Bases Loaded, late innings, I would fear Jeff Baker almost more than anyone else in the lineup.

Blame it on PetCo. I'm not going to say that this is the way the season's going to end up. I'm not going to say anything beyond who's hitting well now until May.

Today, Jeff Francis will lead the Rockies in an attempt to foil another NL West Home Opener as the Rockies bring a 3-3 start into Dodger stadium. Dodgers' FA acquisition Kevin Schmidt will take the mound for the Blue in what will hopefully prove to be a futile effort from the Dodgers.

Until next time, Rockies fans!


Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'm not gonna yell about Khalil Greene

Seriously, I'm not. I didn't even watch the game, all I know is that Khalil Greene's breath smells like pillows.

What I am going to talk about is today's Tulsa Drillers game.

Ching Lung Lo got the start for the Drillers against Corpus Christi and looked shaky from the word go. He gave up 3 runs on 3 hits and hit a guy before he recorded an out. Fortunately, settled down and got Sadler to GIDP and then got Ash to ground to second. When the Drillers went in order in the bottom of the first, there was a general feeling of anxiety in the stadium.

In the second though, Lo was efficient giving up a single to Fernando but he was caught trying to steal third to end the inning. In the bottom half the Drillers scored 2 while only getting one hit as Barthmaier battled through the inning. The highlight of the inning was a double steal advancing Christian Colonel and Matt Miller to second and third. Guarno and Dragicevich got the RBI's for the drillers.

Top three was basically a rehash of top two. Bottom 3 saw the Drillers score another 2 runs off of 3 hits. Jonathon Herrera got a single when the infield was playing in and he hit a ground ball to the left side past the outstretched glove of Drew Sutton and into left field.

Top four was another efficient inning for Lo giving up only a 2 out groundball to Jonathon Ash. Lo struck out Caraballo to end the inning. Bottom 4, Barthwaite struck out the side, I don't wanna talk about it.

Corpus Christi came back to tie the game in the 5th when Osvaldo Fernando led off with a single, was bunted over by Barthwaite, moved to third on Suttons liner and then scored on a fielder's choice.

The sixth saw Lo work through a pretty tight jam. Santangelo grounded to short, Sadler drew a walk, Ash popped to third, Carabello walked and Fernando singled to load the bases. 2 outs bases loaded, Neil Sellers pinch hit for Barthwaite and smoked a ball that fortunately went right to Aaron Rifkin at first to end the inning. Tulsa added another run in the bottom of the sixth.

The 7th was the big inning for the Drillers. Three runs on five hits, including a Joe Gaetti two bagger that hit the 390 marker in straight away center, in Coors it's probably a long fly out but in Drillers Stadium it was oh so close to a dinger. Corpus would add a meaningless run in the eighth before Steve Register pitched the ninth for the save.

Time for the likes and dislikes...


Joe Gaetti: 3-5 with a double, and a run scored. Really hit the ball well.

Herrera: 2 for 5 really made Corpus respect his speed. Takes after Willy Taveras though with 2 K's. Looked a little goofy trying the Ichiro trick of swinging and running at the same time and failing badly.

The guy sitting in front of me: Consistently had funny lines. For instance, in the 8th Noochie Varner pinch hit in the 9 spot for Corpus and he yells, "How do you come up with a nickname for a guy named Noochie? I bet his nickname his Charles, YOU'RE GONNA STRIKE OUT CHARLES!"


Drillers hitters struck out 10 times, looked a bit like the big club honestly.

The weather: Overcast and cold made my hands cold as I kept score, couldn't even enjoy my Shiner since it made me shiver everytime I took a sip.


Khalil Greene: Seriously, pillows.


Good start overcomes low expectations

Alright, call me crazy. Say I'm wrong, laugh or whatever.

Josh Fogg strung together 6 1/3 innings, allowing only 6 hits and 2 runs in a 2-3 loss to the division rival Padres.

After a 4-3 victory which displayed Jason Hirsh and his disgustingly breaking changeup, we find offseason stir Josh Fogg bringing his own changeup into PetCo. Through 101 pitches, Fogg struck out 3, forced 7 groundball outs, and began the season displaying the kind of expertise we'd like to see out of a $3.625M salary.

Despite Fogg's well pitched effort, the Rockies only mustered 2 runs on octogenarian David Wells, stranding 4. Interestingly enough, the statlines looked almost identical:

Fogg: 6.1 6 2 2 1 3 1
Wells: 6.2 6 2 2 1 4 0

For two #5 starters, this is a fine sign for two teams preparing for what is projected to be a very close division over the season.

Now, I've said this to people around here, and I'll say it now on here, I'm going to reserve all judgements until at least May. I mean, so far the 'worst' pitcher on staff is our #1 Aaron Cook, and our closer isn't looking so hot either...through 5 games. We'll let another 20 or so pass by and then start making predictions and what have you. I'm still very apprehensive about Josh Fogg and Rodrigo Lopez, and Hirsh is looking very promising, but we'll still have to see.

Anyway, moving back to tonight's game.

The ups:

Josh Fogg gave us a solid 6 1/3.
Willy Taveras made it through a game without striking out.

The downs:

The bullpen was unable to hold a lead - now this is only a minor down, because it's not as if they gave up a walkoff grand slam. It was 1 run in 2 innings of relief.
The bats were unsatisfactory. The Rox managed 7 hits, but only 2 runs scored on said hits. With bases loaded in the 7th and 2 outs, Chris Ianetta popped out to RF to leave behind what could have been a game-winning lead.

For one game, this isn't a lot to worry about. However, last season, cool bats with runners aboard led to many lost games, and contributed to a slump that took the Rockies from right around .500 down to an NL-West worst .469.

But in terms of pitching, this looks to be an almost promising season. We've made it all the way through the rotation once now, and Aaron Cook will wrap up the 3-game series tomorrow afternoon at PetCo against Padres #1, Jake Peavy. Peavy's opening day gig included shutting down the Giants' lineup for 6 innings and getting his season off to a grand start. Rockies starter Aaron Cook is looking to rebound from a 6-inning, 5ER start that came down to dueling bullpens.

However, for those of you watching from last season, you may recall a few forgettable starts for Peavy, namely another Sunday in early April start in PetCo, involving Cory Sullivan performing a feat that hadn't been accomplished in 50 years and Peavy sucking up 8 ER in just 4 IP.

Peavy has a 4.79 career ERA against Colorado.

So for those of you in the SD area, head your way down to PetCo and watch your Colorado Rockies drop yet another division foe. Until next time, Let's Go Rockies!


Saturday, April 07, 2007

I could learn to like Hirsh, maybe

WHen I looked at the pitching matchup I was filled with dread. Greg Maddux, he of 333 career wins and a place in Cooperstown guaranteed, faced off against Jason Hirsh, he of 3 career wins and a place on my my list of players to hate for being involved in the JJ trade. Here are the two lines by the starting pitchers.

5.1 IP 5 H 4 ER 4 K 1 BB

6.2 IP 6 H 1 ER 8 K 0 BB

Which belongs to the Cooperstown bound legend and which belongs to the untested rookie that Brian was bound and determined to hate?

(Hint: before Fuentes gave up a 2 run dinger the score was 4-1 rockies)

Hirsh was disgusting last night. I made homemade pizza for dinner last night and when Hirsh started moving his changeup all over the place I vomited it all back up. The changeup has a sick downward late break that looked borderline unhittable last night. Only two of the hits he gave up were for extras. One was a home run to Termel Sledge and the other was a double to Asshole Khalil Greene. Hirsh's night was over when he gave a shattered bat infield single to Termel Sledge.

Maddux on the other hand....

....was all over the map. Walked four, hit one, and threw a wild pitch that allowed Kaz Matsui to score from third. Maddux also gave up a Jap Home Run to Matsui when Matsui got to first, stole second, advanced to third on a sac fly and then scored on a wild pitch. Then Maddux walked Helton and gave up a 410' dinger into the pen and Maddux would spend the night wondering what might have been.

Tonight, we also got a visit from old friend, "The Brian Fuentes Heart Stopping Save Experience." He hit Mike Cameron, gave up a deep fly to Asshole Khalil Greene. Then he settled down and retired the next three batters including getting Jose Cruz Jr. looking to end the game.


Hirsh: Andrew will remind me that this is only one start, but it was still awesome.

Kaz Matsui: 3 for 4, with a triple, a stolen base, and a RBI

Matt Holliday: 2 for 4 with a dinger


Willy "Seriously guys, I'm better than Cory Sullivan" Taveras: he's now up to 7 K's in three games

Fuentes: Got the save but had to make it interesting


Asshole Khalil Greene: go roast in hell you golden-locked cake eater.

Thursday, April 05, 2007


It's April 5, 2007, and I would like to welcome everyone to a new season of Colorado Rockies Baseball!

After what proved to be a tumultuous offseason for the Coors Field Faithful, including the trade of Jason Jennings, the acquisition of Rodrigo Lopez, and the eventual retention of Todd Helton, the Rockies have jumped up to a 2-1 start.

A quick breakdown of the first 3 games:

Opening day was sunny and breezy. The lineup for CO looked as such:
1. CF Willy Taveras
2. 2B Kazuo Matsui
3. 3B Garrett Atkins
4. 1B Todd Helton
5. LF Matt Holliday
6. RF Brad Hawpe
7. SS Troy Tulowitzki
8. C Chris Ianetta

SP Aaron Cook

The score was 3-2 after the 1st, 5-5 after the 6th when Cook finally got the hook. Pinch hitter Jeff Baker pounded one to deadaway center to give the Rockies a 6-5 lead. After a scoreless 7th from righty Manny Corpas, the Rockies handed a 1-run lead to offseason acquisition LaTroy Hawkins. Hawkins surrendered 3 runs to the Dbacks on a handful of base hits and a double to perennial Rockies killer Eric Byrnes. A fierce battle between Byrnes and Hawkins had taken place, ending with Byrnes pounding a poorly positioned fastball to the wall for Willy Taveras to chase. No production in the 8th, with Ramon Ramirez holding the defecit in the top if the 9th. Despite a 0-out double for Helton in the bottom of the 9th, Snakes closer Jose Valverde proceeded to strike the next 3 batters out to end Opening Day at Coors, 6-8 Diamondbacks.

Game 2 showed the same lineup with Jeff Francis (still in the appeal process of his 5 game suspsension) facing off against Livan Hernandez. Bench Coach Jamey Quirk took the helm for the Rockies, as Clint Hurdle was serving his 1-game suspension (from the same incident Francis was appealing). Both pitchers carried a 2-2 game through the 6th. Rockies relievers held that 2-2 game until the 11th inning(including a 3-groundout inning from LaTroy Hawkins and the first Brian Fuentes sighting of the season), when newly-demoted Byung-Hyun Kim took the mound for his first relief appearance since entering the rotation in 2005 after Shawn Chacon's hamstring injury. Kim worked himself to 2 outs before walking Chad Snyder and hitting Alberto Callaspo. Facing Stephen Drew with 2 on, 2 outs, Kim sent a low fastball in, which Drew bounced between the chasing gloves of Matsui and Helton to bring in the go-ahead run. In the Rockies turn, Helton (later PR for by Jamey Carroll) was driven in on a RF double by Troy Tulowitzki, who was then driven in on a seeing-eye grounder up 3rd from Chris Ianetta. Final score 4-3 Rockies.

Game 3 featured the premiere of inning-eating RHP Rodrigo Lopez. Steve Finley got the start in CF, and Jamey Carroll made his first start at 2B. Through 7 innings of fine work, Lopez allowed 6 hits, 2 runs through only 76 pitches, yielding a 4-2 margin going into the 8th. Earning a chance for redemption, Hurdle turned to LaTroy Hawkins for a 3rd straight game. And as Hollywood-esque as it may seem, Hawkins found himself with 2 outs and Eric Byrnes at the plate. Hawkins effectively worked Byrnes to swing on a late slider to get a very satisfying K. In the bottom of the 8th, the Rockies proceeded to tee off on Snakes RHP JD Durbin, notching 7 runs in the inning. Regular closer Fuentes was sat in favor of Jeremy Affeldt for one out, and then making his Coors Field debut, Taylor Buchholz. Buccholz allowed 2 runs before notching the final out, making the final tally Rockies 11, Dbacks 4.

The Ups of this series: Troy Tulowtizki and Chris Ianetta seem to be fitting in well thus far. Kaz Matsui has produced in the 2 games he has played, and Todd Helton looks like the clutch machine we all know and love. Additonally, Francis and Lopez are displaying what appear to be the signs of solid seasons. And despite Cook's 5ER in 6IP on opening day, he showed the familiar capacity to induce countless grounballs as a point of success. Hawpe hit well all 3 games, even against lefties! Holliday tallied himself a single, 2 doubles, and a solo shot to straightaway center on Wednesday, and is showing the signs of the power we've come to expect from him.

The Downs: Willy Taveras misplayed a couple of balls in 2 games he played, and after a leadoff walk, SB, and eventual run, earned the Golden Sombrero (4 strikeouts) on opening day, and did nothing to excite on tuesday. Tulowitzki also earned himself that same Sombrero on Wednesday, fanning 4 times. Atkins has more or less struggled at the place this first series, and his glove has been nothing to write home about either (notched errors in his first chance in game 1).

MAJOR Downs (Double entendre?): Dan O'Dowd and Clint Hurdle both received 2-year extensions. Why? Well, I'm pretty sure the general state of the minor-league system saved O'Dowd's job, as it really is one of the stronger systems in baseball. And honestly, I have trouble blaming O'Dowd for the team's general failure in the past 3 years (except for him not keeping Eric Byrnes...I mean, look at the damage that guy does here in Coors!), but I can't stand Clint Hurdle. The guy just doesn't have the fire it takes to be a winning manger. He hasn't had a winning season as the Rockies' manager, and has taken the team to two straight last-place finishes in the division, despite relatively good play earlier in the season. I frankly don't see this Rockies team doing anything meaningful under the uninspiring leadership of Clint Hurdle. But O'Dowd made it clear that if he's gonna stay, Hurdle's staying with him.

I say let Quirk be the manager. Let Hurdle go interview.

But in the meantime, we're going to get our first look at Jennings' replacement, Jason Hirsch, who squares off against Greg Maddux for the beginning of our road trip, the first stop being a 3-game series in SD. Then, it's off to LA to ruin their home opener. Then, down to Phoenix for the Diamondbacks to attempt to claim revenge.

But in the meantime, keep checking back, and we'll try and keep posting and keep you knee deep in Rockies information. Until next time!