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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Lack of posting

For anyone who's remotely followed up with this blog, apologies for not having it updated more often. I (Andrew) have been doing some more posting on Purple Row, which is one of the more comprehensive Rockies rundowns I've ever seen. You might wish to check it out.

I'll try to put a few more of my rants and ravings on this site, but until then, GO ROCKIES!

Hey, DENVER! Welcome to the Bandwagon!

Oh, Hiiii, disgruntled Broncos fans! Good to see you! Now that the Rockies put a near-historic winning streak together at the end of the season, not to mention fielded a MLB-historic team ALL season, it's good to see that you've come crawling the 3 miles from Invesco to watch the team that WE'VE been watching ALL SEASON!

It's kind of pathetic to think that so many of the people chanting "M-V-P" during the 3rd Rockies AB every game didn't actually start watching until he had already hit his 100th RBI of the season.

Were you there to see Tulowitzki's unassisted Triple Play (live, not during Sportscenter), or did you turn off your TV after the 10-16 April?

Remember Willy Taveras?

How about Byung-hyun Kim?

Has Ryan Spilborghs always been a part of your Rockies experience?

What about Tom Martin? Did you watch to see if he'd keep it together, or is that just a weird memory from 2006?

Does the name Rodrigo Lopez mean anything to you?

If none of that stuff made any sense, then I'll let Clint Hurdle do the talking for me:

"Shame on you for not seeing our club more...We've been on a nice roll." - Clint Hurdle, postgame press conference, 10/4/07

If any of that applies to you, and you think you're hot shit because you have NLDS tickets, you need to forfeit them and give them to someone like my Dad, or someone else who started cheering for the 2007 season on April 2nd and hasn't stopped cheering since.

Nobody's saying you shouldn't cheer for the Rockies. I love to see you pack out Coors Field and let our Boys on Blake St know how you feel about them. But how about you start a little earlier than September 27th next season?

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