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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

7 in a row? Inconceivable!

My last post must've lit a fire under the Rockies, because somehow, they've eked out a few wins.

Things that have worked:

Starting Pitching. Maybe not completely lights out, but consistent enough to give the bullpen a fighting chance.

The bats have slowly started clicking. The boys are STILL leaving an obscene number of runners on base, but as long as the pitching and defense are trying, wins are coming in.

Ryan Spilborghs. 'Nuff Said.

Players coming back off of the DL. Namely, Rodrigo Lopez, who had a solid start against StL, allowing 3 runs over 6 innings in his first start since his return.

Good play from utility players and spot starters. I mentioned Spilborghs. Taylor Buchholz has strung together 2 straight quality starts, allowing only 3ER over 14 innings of work and has watched his season ERA drop 2 full runs. With Josh Fogg going to the DL with a groin strain, Buchholz looks to build on these quality outings, and make himself a more dependable member of the Rockies pitching staff. (Don't count on it. Buchholz, while a hard thrower and a spot starter, isn't really the 'anchor' type of pitcher.)

The bullpen has looked mildly more solid since the Royals series. Jorge Julio has watched his ERA drop from 12.5 to 10.2. DRASTIC improvement. But in all seriousness, the core of the pen has remained solid - and by core, I mean Affeldt, Fuentes, Corpas, and hopefully Ramirez will regain his form.

Many problems still remain with this team, but for now, let us bask in the glory of the Rockies firing on enough good cylinders to provide some solid wins the rest of this homestand. Although, I am going tomorrow night, so if they lose, yeah, my bad.

Until next time, sports fans, this is Andrew, wishing you all a great night.


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