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Monday, June 12, 2006

A Win on the Road? Perish the Thought!

Date: 6/12/2006
Position: 5th NL West
Games Back: 3.5
Elimination Number: 96

6-3, That's ballgame ladies and Gents. Francis 5-5, Fuentes SV (14), and heart rate...returning to normal.

Anybody who has been following the Rockies these last 2 weeks or so is fearing a return to an old form...the form being a baseball team that disappoints. And the last 2 weeks have been nothing but disappointing.

But why worry about the past? The fact of the matter is that the Rockies beat the Nationals tonight for a much needed win.

Francis pitched 6.2 innings tonight, striking out 3, walking 3, while only allowing 2 ER. Dohmann struck out the 3rd to close the 7th, The Purple Glove had a scoreless 8th, and Brian "Heart Attack" Fuentes gave up a solo home run to Jose Guillen before finishing the 9th, striking out 2 in the process.

Jamey Carroll went 3-5 tonight, to continue his streak of amazingness as the Rox new starting 2B. JD Closser had a run and an RBI, and he has hit safely in 6 of his last 8 games. And in his last 11 games, Clint Barmes has posted a .314 BA. He's still batting only like .211 on the season, but it's good to see him actually doing something. Also, Atkins is on an 11 game hitting streak.

In other good news for the Rockies, the Diamondbacks have been roughed up by both the Phillies and the Mets. That brings a smile to MY face. And the rest of the NL West. Namely, the LA Dodgers, who claimed 1st from the floundering Snakes. And in my humble opinion, they are the most deserving team in the division to take the lead.

Promisingly, the Rox are showing signs of coming out of their batting slump. While we're not completely out of the woods, we scored 37 runs in the past 5 games, winning 3 of the 5.

Additionally, Matt Holliday is leading every Rockies offensive stat with the exception of SB (another glory of Jamey Carroll).

Coming up Tomorrow, Josh Fogg (3-4, 5.21) will attempt to lead the Rockies to another victory against Nats SP Mike O'Connor (3-3, 3.04).

Sorry about the lack of updates, loyal reader(s), but with an active internet connection, I intend to keep the Rockies news flowing like the Coors beer that flows from the very Rocky Mountains that our team was named after. So until next time, Rockies fans, good night, Good luck, and GO ROCKIES!!!


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