Rockies Magic Number

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

2 Runs in 2 Games

Date: 5/24/2006
Position: 3rd NL West
Games Back: 1.5
Elimination Number: 116

Boy, did Brad Penny and the Dodgers Crew pitch a beauty.

And the Rockies Bats did absolutely Nothing to stop them.

Out of the 7 hits the Rockies mustered, the only one that mattered was Garrett Atkins' 6th inning solo shot, which brought the game within 3. However, after Jennings allowed another 2 runs before getting anyone out in the top of the 7th, everyone knew it was all but over.

Kenny Lofton went 3-5 with 2R and 2RBI. Nomar went 2-5 with a run and a RBI. Just add them to the list, as 7 of the Dodgers' top 8 had RBIs last night.

The only things this writer can say AGAINST the Dodgers was that Penny only spanned 5 innings before being pulled on 104 pitches, and Tim Hamulack's season ERA has jumped to 5.50 after Atkins' homer.

Although that's nothing, compared to our Sun-Woo Kim's ERA: 19.50, and still rising. After a miserable start to the season, Kim managed to get hit with a line drive that mercifully put him on the DL. Then, after a battle of "Starter or Waiver" egos, Kim and Hurdle both caved to allow Kim to return to the Rox bullpen.

And boy did it pay off! 2ER in 1 IP! That's the kind of numbers we need from a late reliever! I suppose he was put in as a refresher in an already losing effory, but still, that's hardly what we like to see after such a hubbub over playing time.

Jennings wasn't quite as dominant as we hoped, and he gave his team chances to take over. After giving up 4 runs in the top 2 innings, Jennings kept the Dodgers at bay until the top of the 7th, where LA pounded Jennings for 2 more runs before he was pulled by Hurdle in favor of lefty Ray King. Good News, King pitched a scoreless inning! I like to see him do well, as it seems to be less and less frequent as the season progresses.

Anyhow, let's hope the Rockies' bats can give Aaron Cook (5-3, 3.28) some support as he takes on Aaron Sele (2-0, 2.29) in the Battle of the Aarons: Who is the dominating Aaron?

As for now, it's time for this frustrated writer to sign off, so Good night, Good Luck, and GO ROCKIES!!!


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